JOURNAL January Juhyo

Saturday, January 12, 2019. A winter weather advisory was posted at 2am yesterday, morning rain turned to wet, heavy snow by noon. At 7am this morning, the land was transformed to a sentimental Winter scene, like giant pastry chefs came out at night and frosted everything. Beautiful, got the camera; plants really suffer under such heavy cover. I walked downtown in the morning and saw trees and branches down everywhere. The temperature rose above freezing at 2pm-ish, the snow started to melt; At 6pm, below freezing again. All the water on the branches started to ice up.

back tree down 1

Big tree down on the South line. It barely molested the leaning peach in the foreground.

back tree down 5

Big tree down 2.


Once I took the snow away, the peach popped up two feet. A big Fraxinus 30 feet to the East blocks sun until noon, the peach leans North to more light. I admire the aesthetics of Japanese gardeners; they know how to support trees with consideration and respect. The peach needs good support, that’s a first task for a new year.

front road face south

Front road face South.

front house 1

Front of the house, facing West.

ride face west 2

The Ride face West.

seating 2

Seating. Under the table is snow-free.

creek face west 1


front porch face north

Front porch facing North. Power lines.

woodlot entrance 1

Woodlot entrance.

gravel bed face east

Gravel Bench face East.

six inches

At least six inches on the stump, factoring strong wind.

snake path face east

Snake Path facing East.

back porch 1

Back Porch 1.

back porch 2

Back Porch 2.

I believe 2019 will be better. I think we’ll all be well and happy.

Any close and worthwhile contact with the earth tends to make one original or at least detached in one’s judgments and independent of group control. —L.H. Bailey.


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