JOURNAL September 2018, Part Two

*barolo anaheim ducks 1

Dad’s birthday lunch at Barolo, one of his favorite Italian restaurants. A lifelong sports fan, Dad was very happy to see members of the Anaheim Ducks at a nearby table. “They won a Stanley Cup,” he said with pride.

*barolo chicken piccata 2

Pollo piccata at Barolo.

*agave transplant 1

Agave encroaching on the front sidewalk were transplanted to the back yard. I was concerned that the sprinklers would provide too much water but…

*sprinkler bad

This sprinkler only waters the pavement. A chore for the next visit.

*brugmansia 1

Brugmansia borrowed from the neighbors.

*brugmansia 2

*papaya corner

Planted a Papaya in a sheltered corner. A transplanted rose and cuttings of Senecio, Crassula (guessing), and Pelargonium below.


Blood Banana, Musa acuminata var. zebrina, planted near the Fig Wall, Ficus repens.

*garage bed

Blank canvas by the garage.

*thunbergia salvia asclepias

A fine tangle: Thunbergia alata (‘Blushing Susie’, I think); white-flowered Salvia; and red-orange Asclepias curassavica.

*thunbergia purple flower unknown

The same Thunbergia with a striking and unknown purple-flower, perhaps a Hibiscus relative.

garage red plants

After 10 days away, back home to my own lovely tangles.







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