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“Two billion squirrels can’t be wrong.” Click on image to learn more about acorns at Mother Earth News.

Acorns: The Inside Story
At least 450 species of oak populate world wide. Some 30 species in the United States have been used for food and oil. The Live Oak is the most prized, not only for food but particularly ship building. In fact, the US Navy once had its own live oak forest just for boat building.     Eat the Weeds

Lycoris radiata, Red Spider Lily
After a long hot summer in the deep South, the earth comes alive with color from these sleeping bulbs. The red spider lily is a perennial bulb that blooms in late August or September. A single stem emerges out of the ground unexpectedly and within days reaches a foot tall.     The Bulb Hunter

How to Grow Giant Pumpkins
When you enter the world of giant pumpkin-growing, plan on spending much more time to pamper and nurture your plants, to grow pumpkins at a phenomenal speed. At peak growth, record breaking giant pumpkins can grow 40-50 pounds a day, or more!     Pumpkin Nook

Archives of American Gardens
The Archives of American Gardens (AAG) currently documents over 6,300 gardens throughout the United States. Images in the collection, which show views from 1870s to the present, include such features as garden furniture and ornamentation, fountains, sculptures, fences and gates, parterres, and garden structures to name a few. The design styles represented range from large Italianate estates to herb and rose gardens, cottage and patio gardens, and urban parks.     Smithsonian Gardens

Crataegus viridis, “Winter King” Hawthorn
I read that these flowers are “malodorous” which in simple terms means “they smell like hell”.  I have virtually no sense of smell but even I could attest to the fact that they do not smell so great. But who cares? Who gets their nose all up and in there?      An Obsessive Neurotic Gardener

In Another Light
Fall arrived this past weekend. The sun was shining full at a low angle, bringing the first intimations of the season’s glowing golds, yellows, oranges and reds, stippled by purple asters, black seed heads, fruits and berries that announce the end of the garden year. The fermenting fragrances of autumn soon will begin to rise from the earth.     View from Federal Twist

Fall Foliage Forecast 2012
Some portions of the Northeast have a chance at vibrant fall foliage based on forecast weather, while drought-stricken parts of the country may not have much of a display.     Accuweather

The Science of Color in Autumn Leaves
Many think that cool weather or frost cause the leaves to change color. While temperature may dictate the color and its intensity, it is only one of many environmental factors that play a part in painting deciduous woodlands in glorious fall colors.     United States National Arboretum

“Lettuce Bot” Rolls Through Crops, Terminates Weeds It Visually Identifies
Lettuce Bot is a robotic terminator, targeting and selectively killing weeds on sight with 98 percent accuracy. It works by first differentiating weed from lettuce through its vision algorithms and then a trailing component either slices the weed down, injects a minimal dose of herbicide, or hits it with potent fertilizer. The fertilizer offers the best of both worlds in that it is concentrated enough to burn the weed’s roots but not so much to kill the lettuce — plus it provides extra nutrients to the soil.     Singularity Hub

– The Elusive Hickory Syrup
You’re probably thinking hickory syrup is analogous to maple syrup: tree sap collected and boiled to concentrate the sweetness. But hickory syrup is made in an entirely different fashion, and its flavor is said to be in a whole different league from “simple” maple syrup.     Dave’s Garden

Halving Food Losses Would Feed an Additional Billion People, Finnish Study Finds
More efficient use of the food production chain and a decrease in the amount of food losses will dramatically help maintaining the planet’s natural resources and improve people’s lives.
Science Daily

Hardy Begonias for Fall Color
In 1991, I took a perennial plants course at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA, and was introduced to many wonderful plants that I have since planted in my garden (hellebores being one of them).  One of the most fascinating was hardy begonia or Begonia grandis.  I just couldn’t believe that there was a plant that looked just like my angel wing begonia house plant but grew outside and came back every year.     Carolyn’s Shade Gardens

– Huge Cannabis Plant Found in Elderly Couple’s Garden
Police say that an elderly couple who bought what they thought was an innocuous green bush at a flea market and planted it at home were shocked to realise they had unwittingly grown a monstrous cannabis plant in their garden.     The Guardian

Massive cannabis plant unwittingly nurtured by an elderly couple in Bedford, U.K. “The couple will face no action from the police, it is believed,” said The Guardian.

A postcard from the 1960s featuring fall foliage and one of our many great highways. Kansas builds good roads.

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