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“Now those are the most artistic woodpiles I have ever seen.” She goes by Rock Rose and she makes her base in Austin, Texas. She’s an authority on British gardens, and the best garden photographer going. Click image to link to Rock Rose.

– Broken Record
News reports have now made it official; July 2012 was the hottest July on record in North America.  I don’t know about you, the broader audience that is reading this blog, but I expected that the record would be broken.  Certainly the heat and drought here in Kansas have exceeded my usual dismal expectations.      Kansas Garden Musings

Dandelions and Friends
I’ve written before about dandelions, and there are lots of well behaved, picky even, members of this genus for discriminating gardeners to play with.       A Not So Simple Garden

Tropaeolums and Nasturtiums form a beautiful family of South American climbers and scramblers. This site seeks to celebrate those that are presently in cultivation and to encourage others to grow them.     Tropaeolum

Garden Steps
Life is a journey. So many steps to climb…      Early American Gardens

There are some brown foliaged plants that are quite handsome.  Having planted my pots at home with color loud enough to make some people wince, I decided maybe a quieter year was in order.
Dirt Simple

Rooting Artemisia “Powis Castle”
I had to have more of this great plant so I set about trying to root it. Just recently I potted up two rooted cuttings and took eight more! I tried two different ways (leaf cuttings and stem cuttings) initially but only found success with stem cuttings.     Growing the Home Garden

Aesculus parviflora
A distinctive small buckeye, bottlebrush is a mound-shaped, thicket-forming, deciduous shrub, 6-12 ft. tall, with picturesque, ascending, candelabra-like branching.     Wildflower

A Look Back at 2012 RHS Hampton Court Flower Show
It is such a colossal show, there’s so much to see and do in such a grand setting that if you’re well into plants and want to see everything at a leisurely pace then a one day visit is not enough, it’s more like a two day affair.     Alternative Eden

Bacterial Community Inside the Plant Root: Plants Choose Soil Bacteria That They Allow Into Their Roots
Soil is the most species-rich microbial ecosystem in the world.     Science Daily

The Science of Bean Vines
I’m growing Kentucky Wonder pole beans in a spot just outside one of my kitchen windows. It’s been fun watching them grow, and noting that they put on about 4-6″ of new growth every night.     GardenWeb

Video: Why Beauty Matters; Roger Scruton   1 hour
In the 20th century–Scruton argues–art, architecture and music turned their backs on beauty, making a cult of ugliness and leading us into a spiritual desert.     BBC Scotland

Video: Shock of the New, Robert Hughes; Culture as Nature   I hour
Bon voyage, Mr Hughes     PBS

Patrick Quinn is a first-year gardener. This is what he produced from Datura inoxia (Moonflower) seed sown this Spring. Seven feet across! Good touch, Quinno.

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