Journal: Pictures, Spring until late June (Before the Death Ray)

McKana’s Giant columbines in front.

McKana’s columbines hybridize freely, most often reverting to pink.

Stumps by the Bug Bed.

Front yard, porch bed, in April.

The back patio pond in March. A big duckweed bloom in April was heat-killed in early July.

Back path in April.

Bug bed, front close-up, in early June.

Plumbago, Cleome and Winky

Back porch table, Koelreuteria paniculata flowers in June Smith’s vase.

Lonicera maackii, a tree honeysuckle, is a highly invasive import from Asia, brought to Kansas as an ornamental and browse for livestock. A Midwestern kudzu, it is nevertheless beautiful twice a year, and is endangered in Japan. Spring flowers give pea-sized, bright red fruit. Birds only eat the fruit in hard winters.

Kitchen garden, behind the garage. Ditch lilies, our native Hemerocallis fulva, bloomed five weeks early this year, in the first days of June. Jordan Briceland did the piece on the wall.

The sketch bed for the bean teepee. It’s planted now, and six varieties of beans are climbing upwards.

All pictures except the last one were taken by Dayton Segard. Ian Spomer, my best plant collaborator, helped dig the bean bed and took the picture. If we could clone Dayton and Ian, the future would be brighter.

  1. Deborah Silver said:

    So so very happy to hear from you! Write on, mister.

    • My Education of a Gardener said:

      Thanks, Deborah. You’re a champ.

      • My Education of a Gardener said:

        Peace is what we need, Jan. Your site is deep, a great resource. Our Northern conifers are either burning up or dying of blight. How hardy is pinyon?

  2. Your garden has an comfortable, homespun quality to it–a real sense of place. Thanks for your photos!

    • My Education of a Gardener said:

      I could say the same about your yard, Calvin. I followed the Saga of the Bureaucrats until Part Three, when the workload took me away. I’ll catch up. Best wishes.

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