Grapevine: J.E. Weaver, Old Collectors, Broken Heartland, New Old Tomatoes, Pot Stunting, Plant Warnings, Giant Pumpkins, Walnut Friends, Bad Dupont

Excavation, 20 feet deep, showing the root habits of several prairie forbs.

Prairie Studies, J.E. Weaver
Prairie plants are, of course, oh-so-fashionable now in gardening circles, but when they were just part of a place, not of a garden, they were a subject of incredibly focused study by John Earnest Weaver, a member of the University of Nebraska from 1932 to 1952.     Garden History Girl

– Superstars of botany: Rare specimens
A handful of plant collectors has shaped the field of botany. Now they are disappearing, and there are no clear successors.      Nature

Broken Heartland: The looming collapse of agriculture on the Great Plains
No one worried about the aquifer. To farmers it seemed a bottomless reserve, generating the same outlandish volume no matter how many straws went in. Soon there were hundreds of thousands of wells producing the same reliable flow, year after year, without any evident stress.      Harper’s

Discovery May Lead to New Tomato Varieties With Vintage Flavor and Quality
A new discovery could make more tomatoes taste like heirlooms, reports an international research team headed by a University of California Davis plant scientist.      Science Daily

– Plants grown in pots never reach their full potential, images of their roots show
A medical imaging technique called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been used by researchers to capture plant pot root snapshots. The pictures reveal that the roots “sense the size of the pot” and restrict the growth of the plant. Lead researcher Hendrik Poorter, from the Julich research institute in Germany, told BBC Nature that as soon as he saw the results, he re-potted all of his houseplants. “I thought, you poor guys, what have I done to you?” he recalled.      BBC

Video: How plants warn each other of danger  2:19 mins.
For the first time, scientists at Exeter University have captured on film the process by which plants alert each other to possible dangers. When a plant is under attack it releases a gas which warns neighbouring plants to protect themselves.      BBC 

– Supersizing pumpkins
In a sort of self-perpetuating cycle, the bigger a gourd gets the more physical stress it experiences—thus triggering giant pumpkins to grow even more.      US News

Plant Friends of the Black Walnut
The following plants typically grow well within the root zone of the black walnut:      Tom Clothier

DuPont Says Claims Over Herbicide Are Rising
DuPont, which introduced a herbicide last year that was later linked to the deaths of thousands of trees, has begun processing claims for compensation that are running into the hundreds of millions of dollars, company officials said.      NY Times

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