Journal: The Animal Speaks

Photo Philip Heying. Pond looking north.

Who knows about ghosts and the paranormal? All I know is that I first laid eyes on this document this morning–and not on my desktop, but as a draft on this blog. The picture was chosen for me.

Winky? smh. I am Naomi. I come from Damcoldland, what you things call Toronto, Canada. I get the Winky joke with the one eye but it got old early. Call me Naomi or stfu. That old fat man is tardy with the food sometimes, and I’m sick of him telling me to keep an eye on this place. I ain’t no George dam Kimball. I do like to kill rodents doe. Yes I’m built like Aretha but I can climb a dam tree and I can haul a dam vole out that hole. Most natural cats roll true, you know. These poofy dam house cats sneer out at me from their windows with curtains, like I’m some dam crippled peasant. You know what? idgaf! . Out.  Psst: Please get me more food. I’ll take Jimmy Johns. This old man don’t understand.

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